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what we do


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Andalu is committed to envisioning possibilities and believes that even the most challenging scenario is capable of growth and positive change. We travel alongside you, keeping our focus on the very same destination. During the journey, we share our expertise.

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Whether you are a solo artist, a chamber ensemble or a large orchestra, travel should be a pleasant aspect of your tour. By taking care of every single detail, we help you deliver the best artistic results. From contacting venues/presenters and scheduling to travel and accommodation arrangements, from cargo to dressing rooms, Andalu plans and produces tours, festivals and artistic residencies throughout Latin America.

Among Andalu's team you will find an experienced tour manager that has coordinated chamber ensembles and symphonic orchestras in their journey through Europe, South America and the United States. Presenting concerts in cities such as London, Berlin, Paris, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Montevideo, New York, Buenos Aires, and Amsterdam in prestigious venues such as the Royal Albert Hall, Musikverein, Berliner Philharmonie, Concertgebouw, and Rio de Janeiro's Municipal Theatre, among others.

You will also find an expert in Brazilian presentation venues that has produced over 500 chamber music concerts throughout the states of Paraná, Bahia, Rio Grande do Sul, Minas Gerais, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Concert and festival production is also a strength, since our team includes the leader of operations of the last eight São Paulo Symphony Orchestra concert seasons, the director of production of the 2008 New York Latin American Cultural Week and the head of logistics and production of the past five editions of the Campos do Jordão Music Festival, the largest in Latin America.




Because every organization is unique, every initiative must reflect its convictions and identity. Andalu helps cultural institutions and private companies investing in culture to develop their artistic profile. From defining curatorial lines to programming repertoire, from booking artists and negotiating contracts to curating musical seriesfestivals and year-round concert seasons.

On our team you will find people who worked in the artistic planning and implementation of the 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 São Paulo Symphony Orchestra Concert Seasons that presented over 200 concerts a year, involving a staff of 200 musicians, 20 guest conductors and 70 international soloists distributed among 20 different series including symphonic, chamber, choral and solo repertoire.


Because we believe that learning is the most beautiful of human capacities. Andalu envisions educational initiatives that maximize impact and implement positive growth inside communities. From organizing workshops, masterclasses and lectures to creating long-term multi-annual programs, curricula and community engagement initiatives.

Andalu collaborates with respected professionals in the field and has experience in planning, communicating and fundraising for educational causes. It was responsible for the designing and implementation of the São Paulo Symphony Orchestra Conducting Academy and the 360 Orchestra Project. On our staff you will find the co-creator of the 2010-2012 Music Education Lab of São Paulo State University that was granted by the Brazilian Federal Government and generated several academic publications.

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We offer advisory services for symphony orchestras, arts venues and corporations operating in Latin America. Our fields of expertise include: artistic administration, administrative design, building operations, community engagement and project development & evaluation.

Andalu's team includes people with vast administrative, creative and analytic experience in the highly productive and leading Latin American orchestra, the São Paulo Symphony Orchestra. Furthermore, these avid learners and devoted pilgrims studied and expanded their knowledge about the business with music directors and executive leaders of the New York Philharmonic, Handel & Haydn Society, Cleveland Institute of Music, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and Chicago Symphony Orchestra.


project development & evaluation

We create and develop artistic and educational projects under commission. From definition of concept, mapping of target audience and objectives to communication plans, scheduling, budgeting and impact analysis. We also evaluate projects submitted for public or corporate sponsorship.

Among our staff you will find people with vast experience in project analysis, having reviewed over 800 music projects submitted for public sponsorship throughout the Brazilian territory. The myriad of such projects embraced vocal and instrumental music performed by small and large ensembles. It included a wide range of musical genres such as classical, popular, folk, world, jazz, rock, pop and electronic music.