we plant seeds...

As the most meticulous artisan, as the most disciplined performer, as the happiest child... Andalu has helped bring projects to life. Some of them were puzzles, others were born circles. All of them were seeds that we proudly planted. They germinate and sprout - some have even become trees. Our desire is to contemplate the wildest forest.


Photo by MLiberra/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by MLiberra/iStock / Getty Images

current projects

I Eat the Sun and Drink the Rain

i eat the sun and drink the rain - south america

Sven Helbig is back with a new album and is touring it for next season. I Eat the Sun and Drink the Rain is a collection of ten darkly melancholic pieces for choir and electronics, a poetic journey in search of humanity. Gentle choral textures meet digital sound creations and layer mesmerizing a capella compositions onto the composer's pulsing walls of sound. For the live performances, the sonically powerful work is accompanied by the hypnotic visuals of Icelandic video artist Máni M. Sigfússon. The choir will be dressed in creations by acclaimed Berlin fashion designer Esther Perbandt.

Andalu is arranging a South American tour of this production. Contact us for more information.



An oasis for the musician willing to re-think its professional practice. Hosted by a renowned instrumentalist each retreat focuses on a particular instrument and offers the experimentation of several techniques (meditation, alimentation, reading, etc.) along with masterclasses and concerts.


Andalu is planning the next retreat in Argentina. Contact us for more information.