about andalu

we share ideas...

As a painter with color, as an author with words, as a musician with sound. Ideas are our chosen material to create art.

We craft them and transform them. We present them and combine them. The results are living and meaningful works.

When Ideas are born -either inside us or inside you- it's their potentiality that moves us forward.

We look at them through different lenses and permeate them with two concepts: the circle and the puzzle.

The circle represents the pleasure of listening and observing, converging different perspectives to analyze aspects in a holistic way.

The puzzle is where the fun starts, the playful moment when we go deep and emerge with ideas to create change.

Our mission

our mission

Andalu's mission is to inspire cultural organizations, private companies and individuals to materialize their ideas while developing their artistic profile.

Ideas are the engines of the world. We dare you to sprout them.

we believe that

  • Inside every person there is at least one pulsing, great and world changing idea.
  • Every person, company or organization deserves to develop an exciting artistic profile.
  • Boundaries are to be questioned. We value integration of cultures, generations, social classes and artistic areas.
  • Everything that is done, can be done differently.
  • Life is a journey, traveling is learning.



Andalu is based in São Paulo, Brazil and operates throughout Latin America. As the pilgrims that we are, we can move our offices to wherever you are.




Lucrecia Colominas

A trained classical pianist, passionate about arts administration and music education. Able to design and implement artistic and educational initiatives in all their stages, taking care of details without losing a global vision. After working several years in the artistic department of the São Paulo Symphony Orchestra and analyzing more than 800 music projects for Caixa Cultural, Lucrecia founded Andalu to share ideas and help clients in the implementation of cultural initiatives. She is a specialist in season planning, booking and contract negotiation of national and international artists as well as curation and coordination of artistic issues across the multiple constituencies of large projects. She holds a Master of Arts from the Chicago College of Performing Arts, as well as degrees in Music Education and Piano Performance and is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Curatorial Studies at the Coimbra University.

Analía Belli

A former musician and a highly creative person who communicates, develops and reshapes ideas to achieve the best results. Her endless curiosity and instinctually collaborative style have connected her with the broader arts community. Recognized as a person who authentically understands the artist's needs, she is a specialist in the production of regional, national and international tours of small and large ensembles. For the past eight years she has been the head of Operations of the São Paulo Symphony Orchestra and Sala São Paulo concert hall. Always searching for the best way to present live music, Analía has been responsible for the operations of music festivals and the creation and implementation of physical structures for outdoor concerts. She holds a Master of Arts from the Chicago College of Performing Arts, as well as degrees in Piano Performance and International Relationships.